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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Most Fun My Kids Have Had in the Kitchen in a Long Time!

How many of you mothers have a difficult time finding a good balance between keeping your children entertained and happy, and providing wholesome, educational toys and activities? When my kids come home from school, they tell me about the toys that their friends are talking about, or the things that they have seen their friends bring to show and tell. Honestly, I am not always excited to run out and buy these toys that they describe to me. So much of what I find in the stores and in ads is either more violent than I would care for, or just plain fluff. Have you ever felt this way?I recently had the opportunity to review a product from Action Toys, Inc. Action Toys is a company dedicated to providing children with fun and educational toys. They have many award winning products, which can be found at stores near your home. You wouldn't believe the squeels at my house the day our package from Action Toys arrived. They sent the Pottery Wheel from their Curiosity Kids line. We opened the box and found a very good sized pottery wheel with tons of accessories, including 2 pounds of clay, six colors of paint, cutting and sculpting tools, and thorough instructions. First impression: impressed! I knew we were in for hours of fun! Necco was the first to try the pottery wheel out. She was able to follow the instructions and set up the pottery wheel on her own, and got started right away. I was happy with the power of the motor, along with the fact that the wheel had multiple speed and direction settings, and an easy-to-use foot pedal.

Later, Reese sat down with Necco as her guide and made a bowl of her own. Again, I was happy with how easy it was for her to use it. Both girls were thrilled.

I spent some time browsing through Action Toys' website, and was impressed by their I Dig Collection. Next month's Cub Scout theme is all about dinosaurs, and I can just imagine Twizzler, my 8 year old son, and all of his cub friends going on their own dinosaur excavation adventure! That's pure boy heaven!

Action Toys has offered my readers 20% off their online purchase, plus FREE SHIPPING with discount code BLG001 (just enter this code at checkout). Pass the word! Go check out Action Toys and tell me what products look the most intriguing to you!


  1. It looks like they had a blast!

  2. How fun! I'm an art teacher and I fully endorse this product. I would have loved a mini pottery wheel as a kid (and as an adult!).