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Saturday, January 24, 2009

April Showers is raining prizes!

My awesome friend, April, who just happened to design my blog layout, recently posted her 100th post and is running a fun contest and giveaway in honor of it. Her blog stats are pretty amazing, if you ask me: 137 days, 100 posts, and 113 followers at the time of posting her giveaway. Wow! She's doing something right! She's fun to read and REAL, and she's giving away tons of awesome prizes. Click on the button above and enter! Send her some love. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm an (Extra)Ordinary Mom :)

Have you heard about the new gathering place for mommy bloggers? I was so excited to hear about this great new forum and joined the other great moms right away.

So what is (Extra)Ordinary Moms? Here's what they have to say:

We wanted a site for all moms to come together. Extraordinary Mothers is just that, we’ve opened a community to help bloggers. Us Mothers get emails daily (maybe from many of you) about how we do it. We’re opening up ladies! From help with reviews, (yes we will actually just give you reviews when we are approached) to helping to promote bloggers. We will be passing along all the bloggy knowledge we have to offer.

There will also be a number of weekly features for everyone to participate in, as well as some of the best parties. You know how we roll.

And, if that's not enough motivation, how about this? They are giving away FOUR handbags from The SAK. These are incredible bags, and the one they're giving away happens to be my favorite!

What are you waiting for? Aren't you Extraordinary?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Incredible January Giveaway!!

There's an amazing giveaway going on at Mormon Mommy Blogs. Moms have banded together to provide some awesome prizes! Run, don't walk, and enter HERE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mamma Mia! We've got a winner!

OK--can I just tell you that picking a random number this morning and then counting down the comments to find the winner of the Mamma Mia DVD was SO MUCH FUN! SO exciting! I want to do this again!

So are you curious which of my lucky readers gets to curl up with some popcorn and sing along with ABBA?

Our winner is......

My friend, Wonder Woman!!! Here's her comment:

wonder woman said...

Count me in! I haven't seen this movie yet, but I want to. (I'm waiting till I can get it with a redbox code.) Or I'm waiting to win in!! I've heard the music is simply fantastical.

And I wherever you lead I will follow. Anywhere that you tell me to.


I'm sending an e-mail off right now to let her know she's won. Thanks for playing along, guys. Don't be strangers. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eleven Collection Shoes giveaway

I have been hearing a lot about Eleven Collection Shoes. They look absolutely fabulous, and I would love a pair for AJ. Bargain Briana is giving a pair of them away right now (until January 23rd). Go enter. If you win and you don't have a child who wears size 9-3 shoes....you can just send them to me. I like the Josefs. :)

Are you in the Qlubb?

I just found a really cool site for keeping life with a family of seven organized and running smoothly! It's a website called QLUBB, and it is perfect for families, church or school groups, playgroups, sports teams, you name it! Qlubb is a free online service, and it is so much more than just a calendar. I was really impressed with how easy it was to get started. Qlubb is simple and very user-friendly.

Not only can you enter calendar items, but you can also add photos and documents (imagine how much easier it would be to share photos from the class party or the soccer game on Qlubb instead of emailing them to every member). Speaking of emailing, Qlubb can send out announcements, reminders, etc to all of the members of your group. There is a member roster and a message board--all accessible only to your groups members (password protected).

If I were a room mother this year, I would totally be using Qlubb to keep track of all of the parties, volunteering, and donations. I think juggling the lives and schedules of a family of seven is reason enough to use it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mamma Mia! I'm having a Giveaway!

CONTEST CLOSED as of January 14, 2009. See the WINNER above. :) It was lots of fun, guys!

Call me crazy. Call me what you want. I love the movie Mamma Mia. Maybe it's because I saw it for the first time with my mom. It was her third time seeing the flick in the theaters, and she warned me that I might want to get up and dance in the aisles. Ok, maybe not the aisles....but I admit that I was bouncing in my seat. Mom warned me that it was the ultimate chick flick, and a perfect movie for Mom and daughter to see together. I admit, I got a little teary listening to Meryl Streep sing "Slipping Through my Fingers," sitting there with my own mom and thinking about my oldest daughter who is suddenly wanting to borrow my clothes (don't worry--she only borrows my shoes and shirts. There's no way we could share the same pants!). I laughed out loud during the middle of the song "Lay All Your Love on Me" (if you've seen it, you'll know why). I felt an incredible bond of womanhood during "Dancing Queen." See, I'm smiling just thinking about it.

The movie made me laugh. Out loud. It made me cry. It made me dance. It made me drag my husband out to watch it with me again in the theaters. He enjoyed it, but probably not as much as I did.

Last week, I found a coupon and was determined to use it before it expired....tomorrow! I went to 4 different stores. Two didn't have it in stock, and the other two would not accept the coupon because "it didn't come from our website." Buloney! But I was not ready to give up! Yesterday, I headed out to Target with a Christmas gift card in hand and was thrilled to find that not only did they have it in stock, but it was on super sale AND they took the coupon! Yay for Target!! I guess I must have had sticky fingers, because I picked up two. Now YOU can enjoy the fun along with me. And when you watch it at home, it's OK to get up and dance along.

Yes, you read that right. I am giving away my other copy! I'm even going to throw in a bag of popcorn to eat while you watch it. Invite your girlfriends over and anjoy it with some friends. No, I am not getting paid to write this post or give this movie away. It is funded purely by my craziness.


All you have to do is leave me a comment. Tell me--Have you seen the movie? Did you love it? Did you hate it? (I'm sure there are plenty of you out there). What is your favorite song from the movie?

Please either 1) include your email address so I can contact you, 2) email me, or 3) make your email accessible from blogger so I can contact you. Thanks!

For extra entries, Follow me (and then post a comment that you are following me).

Want another chance? Blog or tweet about the giveaway (yep--you guessed it! Come back and comment again whenever you have done either one of those things--please leave a link).

I'll keep this open til midnight next Wednesday (January 14) and then I'll pick a random number and announce the winner on Thursday the 15th. Sound good? Winner has 7 days to claim their prize and send me their contact info. Otherwise....I pick another number.

PS--If you don't win, you can always buy it on Amazon....

Entries being accepted on my home blog, *Life is Sweet*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year--a new photo blog for you!

I just found out about a new photography blog, I Faces. Here's the deal, in their words:

Once a week starting on January 12th, I Faces will be sponsoring two separate face photo contests in these two categories:

What do you win if you are a contest winner? Your winning photo will be featured on our home page for the entire weekend with a link to you and your website!! You will also be given an exclusive I Faces ~ I Won Best Photo badge to proudly display on your website.

And, most importantly, you will also win the adoration of countless I Faces fans across the globe.


And what photographer doesn't want adoration and recognition? :) Personally, I love looking at other people's photography and learning from their talent. I have never professed to be the best photographer out there. I still have a lot to learn. It is only through study and trial and error and feedback that I will get any better. So there you go. Go check them out! (Plus, they're running a little New Year's contest.....Never hurts to get a few extra entries in, right?)

Click the button:

And now, which of these photos would YOU recommend that I list for the first month?? (this is not trying to determine which of my kids is the cutest, rather which photo is most unique and appealing) Thanks for the feedback!

1) Reese in the rain
2) Necco on her baptism day
3) KitKat annoyed with my camera
4) Couldn't resist another Necco. Love her eyes!
5) Underwater Twizzler
6) Blowfish AJ