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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year--a new photo blog for you!

I just found out about a new photography blog, I Faces. Here's the deal, in their words:

Once a week starting on January 12th, I Faces will be sponsoring two separate face photo contests in these two categories:

What do you win if you are a contest winner? Your winning photo will be featured on our home page for the entire weekend with a link to you and your website!! You will also be given an exclusive I Faces ~ I Won Best Photo badge to proudly display on your website.

And, most importantly, you will also win the adoration of countless I Faces fans across the globe.


And what photographer doesn't want adoration and recognition? :) Personally, I love looking at other people's photography and learning from their talent. I have never professed to be the best photographer out there. I still have a lot to learn. It is only through study and trial and error and feedback that I will get any better. So there you go. Go check them out! (Plus, they're running a little New Year's contest.....Never hurts to get a few extra entries in, right?)

Click the button:

And now, which of these photos would YOU recommend that I list for the first month?? (this is not trying to determine which of my kids is the cutest, rather which photo is most unique and appealing) Thanks for the feedback!

1) Reese in the rain
2) Necco on her baptism day
3) KitKat annoyed with my camera
4) Couldn't resist another Necco. Love her eyes!
5) Underwater Twizzler
6) Blowfish AJ