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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you in the Qlubb?

I just found a really cool site for keeping life with a family of seven organized and running smoothly! It's a website called QLUBB, and it is perfect for families, church or school groups, playgroups, sports teams, you name it! Qlubb is a free online service, and it is so much more than just a calendar. I was really impressed with how easy it was to get started. Qlubb is simple and very user-friendly.

Not only can you enter calendar items, but you can also add photos and documents (imagine how much easier it would be to share photos from the class party or the soccer game on Qlubb instead of emailing them to every member). Speaking of emailing, Qlubb can send out announcements, reminders, etc to all of the members of your group. There is a member roster and a message board--all accessible only to your groups members (password protected).

If I were a room mother this year, I would totally be using Qlubb to keep track of all of the parties, volunteering, and donations. I think juggling the lives and schedules of a family of seven is reason enough to use it.

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  1. awesome! thanks for sharing... looks really interesting, headed there to check it out in detail now.

    God Bless,